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Body Piercing Jewelry Types and Gauge Sizes

Body piercing is still growing in popularity and the market of piercing jewelry is changing too. New shapes, designs, material combinations and prices appear. And there are many questions on body piercing. For example, many people ask about what gauge size of body piercing jewelry can be used where. It may cause some confusion. Here you'll find useful information on various body piercing types and gauge sizes. Of course, professional piercers may have their own preferences and ways which they adhere to. So, you may meet variations but you won't meet information that is radically different.
Gauge is the thickness of the piercing jewelry piece material and when you see the item described as 14ga 12mm, it means that it is 14 gauge thick and 12 millimeters long. Various piercing types are pierced with the jewelry of different gauge size.
Eyebrow piercing jewelry is usually 16 gauge. 10mm or 8mm barbells are used depending on the personal choice and the individuality of the piercing.
Nose piercing jewelry is either 18 gauge, 20 gauge or 22 gauge. Nose studs have a tiny ball or gem on the end and with nostril piercing diamond nose pins and gold nose studs are the most popular.
Belly dangles and bars are often 14 gauge 10mm though 8mm and 12mm navel piercing barbells are also available. Flexi navel rings for pregnant bellies are made of flexible acrylic and are totally safe.
Women's nipple jewelry that includes circular barbells, captive bead rings and dangles are usually 14ga and men's may be 16ga.
Monroe piercing jewelry that is worn above the lip tends to be 16 gauge or 18 gauge while labrets used beneath the lip are 14 gauge. Barbells are usually 10mm or 8mm.
Tragus piercing jewelry is 16ga or 18ga. This type of piercing is very attractive and looks great with captive bead rings and circular barbells of 6mm or 8mm bar.
There are many types of ear piercing where jewelry of quite different sizes can be worn. But the most popular is earlobe piercing. Small and elegant piercing hole is almost unnoticed and with earrings it looks really great complementing the face and visually changing its shape if necessary.
Body piercing jewelry doesn't just show our personality, it can hide something we consider not attractive in us and draw the eye to our best parts of the body and face. For example, you have a little scar above the lip. You can do lip piercing in the area and your scar will be hidden with beautiful lip piercing jewelry. Or your belly is very attractive and wearing elegant belly button jewelry, you increase this beauty and make it more noticeable.

Piercing Jewelry By Material
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