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Very large gauge piercing jewelry

You are welcome to real exquisite collection of large gauge piercing jewelry. Large gauge is striking and eye-catching. Here you'll find piercing jewelry for stretching and already large piercings. Suitable for various situations methods to enlarge the piercing are different. We offer you extra-large and standard large plugs, tapers, flesh tunnels, twisters, etc. it's important to feel safe and comfortable, especially with very large piercings, and different shapes and sizes you can choose from are available here at the most affordable prices! Titanium, acrylic, horn, wood, bone and other materials are the most popular choices for very large piercing jewelry. You can easily find the jewelry for your ear piercing among our categories based on inch sizing of piercing gauges. Enjoy our huge selection and high quality of extra-large piercing jewelry and its attractive style!

Please select from one of the following 7 categories:

1", 1 Inch Piercing Jewelry
1 Inch
1/2", 1/2 Inch Piercing Jewelry
1/2 Inch
13/16", 13/16 Inch Piercing Jewelry
13/16 Inch
3/4", 3/4 Inch Piercing Jewelry
3/4 Inch
5/8", 5/8 Inch Piercing Jewelry
5/8 Inch
7/8", 7/8 Inch Piercing Jewelry
7/8 Inch
9/16", 9/16 Inch Piercing Jewelry
9/16 Inch