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Earlobe Stretching Guide

There are so many beautiful and stylish ear piercing jewelry right now. And there are various types of ear piercing nowadays and some of them are more popular and others less. But there is fashion on large gauge earlobe piercing especially among musicians. And it's not always quite simple to understand what normal ear gauge is and what to consider a large ear piercing. Let's discuss it.
Earlobe stretching is extremely popular now and thick rings and other jewelry is in fashion. People with standard ear piercing gauge size stretch earlobes using a gauging (gradual process). It's important to stretch the earlobes properly and carefully to be able to wear and enjoy new styles and sizes.
Normal ear lobe piercing is done with 18 gauge or 20 gauge needle and even if you want to have large gauge ear piercing from the beginning, most piercer will refuse to punch large holes. The matter is that sizing back down becomes even impossible and difficult after totally removing a plug of skin. It's easier to return to a smaller hole later if you want if you leave it and force to stretch gradually.
There are different ways to stretch the earlobes and some work and some don't depending on individual characteristics. Here is one proved to be safe and working method. Of course, you should speak to your piercer or another professional piercer before you begin stretching the ear piercing. The most important thing about stretching is that it should heal between sizes and you'll move to each size gradually. Moving too fast you may create scar tissue and damage the skin. And scars don't only make the ear look ugly but also make the change of gauge very difficult. If you stretch your ear piercing holes, choose surgical stainless steel rings (SSS) jewelry. SSS doesn't absorb dirt and bacteria being not porous that helps to avoid infections and its heavy weight makes the stretching process faster and easier. You must feel comfortable each time you are going to move to the next size.
So, here are the steps for you. Determine your current gauge size comparing the earrings posts to a gauge chart and buy the jewelry of the next larger size. (If your current gauge is 18, buy 16 gauge ear jewelry). After washing your earlobes and hands with antibacterial soap, massage one of the ear lobes. Gently and slowly insert the larger piece of jewelry in this ear lobe and don't push it too much not to tear the ear because larger jewelry won't slide right in. Do the same things with the other earlobe. Of course, there will be some soreness and your ear piercing will heal for some time. Repeat the process to step up one more size only when your earlobes are completely healed. It usually takes about 2 weeks.
You can also stretch your ear piercings using insertion tapers which gradually taper from smaller gauge to larger gauge along the lengths. Gauging insertion tapers are quite popular and safe method of gauging and if you like the design and shape, you may use it.
And don't forget to consult your piercer before you start stretching process to avoid risks and make your ear piercing look perfect.

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