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Ear Piercing and Men

Ear lobe piercing is probably the most popular type of body piercing among women as well as men. There are numerous designs of earrings created over the years and earrings fashion appeals to people from different social classes, countries, of different ages and occupations, with different lifestyle and income. Earrings give a distinguished look and any simple dress or suit can get completely new outlook with matching earrings.
Artistic and written references prove that ear piercing is one of the ancient types of body modification. The walls of Persepolis are one of the earliest proofs of it- you can see imprinted images that portray soldiers from Persian Empire with ear piercings.
Earlobe piercing is the less painless and fast healing. It's done in the lobe of the ear and takes little risk of infections and irritation if properly looked after. It takes about 5-6 weeks to heal and looks really great after it's completely healed. Though earlobe piercing is the most standard and the safest, many men and women prefer other types of ear piercing- cartilage piercings such as helix, industrial, vertical, rook and orbital piercings.
There is the huge choice of ear piercing jewelry nowadays and the choice depends on the type of ear piercing- there are special collections for standard ear lobe piercing and large gauge earlobe piercing as well as piercing jewelry collections for other types of ear piercing.
Stud post earrings are the most popular ear piercing jewelry among men. Studs look elegant and unisex. Stud earrings are also the main choice for children because they are safe, have no visible connection from the front and the availability of CZ and gemstone designs. Classical ear jewelry includes popular dangle earrings, French hoop earrings, wire earrings and many others.
If a man has earlobe piercing, he would rather wear a small ring or a stud and if it's large gauge ear piercing, he would choose a flesh tunnel or a plug. But lately men have been also chosen cartilage piercings and then industrial barbells, captive bead rings and curved barbells are the choice. Black ear piercing jewelry is popular among men and sparkling gem and CZ jewelry is the last choice.
Men's choice of material differs depending on individual preferences but most commonly men wear titanium, stainless steel ear piercing jewelry. And if it's gold, it will be white gold. Titanium ear jewelry is lightweight and is perfect if he wears large gauge jewelry. Platinum speaks for itself and surgical stainless steel is the most trusted, cheap and common variant.
Men wearing ear jewelry looks great if the piece totally match the outlook and the style of the person. And of course, he should know when to wear it and when it's better to change the jewelry or to take it off. Most women find men with stylish ear piercing and masculine design jewelry really sexy and attractive. And society has already accepted the concept of male ear jewelry fashion.

Piercing Jewelry By Material
Acrylics Gold plated jewelry Organic jewelry
PTFE material PVD Silver Jewelry
Solid gold Surgical Stainless Steel Titanium