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Spiky Plugs

There are lots of piercing jewelry nowadays: tunnels, plugs, rings, hole expanders, pinchers, barbells... All of them have different forms and shapes, sizes and colors, qualities and purposes.
Probably the most popular piercing ornament is plug. This very accessory is widely used for stretching earlobes. And you know that tastes differ and sometimes it`s a difficult task to find what you want. That's why, most of us prefer classical things.
Spiky Plug is a great example of high quality and eye-catching design. There are no additional details. It looks refined and stylish. Spikes on the top of the plug make this piece of piercing jewelry more modern and interesting. Spiky Plugs made of 316L surgical stainless steel that is metal #1 in the extraordinary world of piercing. The wearing of steel jewelry is medically approved as it doesn`t cause allergic reactions. Moreover, steel is attractive because it is wonderful. It`s necessary to know that lots people prefer steel to titanium because of its luster.
Spiky Plug includes one O-ring of different length (from minimal to maximal sizes). Enjoy Spiky Plugs that are interesting attributes for underlining your own style.

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Pair Of Spiky Plugs
Pair Of Spiky Plugs
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